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City Council

 Mariupol City Counсil

There are 75 deputies working at the Mariupol CityConcil, they were elected by the citizens on the elective basis on the party lists of municipal party and bloc organizations: 41 representative from the Party of Regions, 21 — from the Socialists party of Ukraine, 20 deputies from Natalya Vitrenko`s bloc «National Opposition», and 3 representatives from the Communists party of Ukraine.
The overwhelming majority of the local people’s deputies of the V calling are the workers of industrial enterprises, every fifth deputy represents humanitarian branches: medicine, education, mass media.



There are 13 women elected to the CityConcil.  64 from 75 deputies have high education, 10 people are at the age under 40.

There are 12 specialized committees working in the structure of the CityConcil, who give previous consideration to every decision before its being discussed at the session.

The main task of theConcil is to provide a normal, productive life if the city, its capital improvement, to support  poor people and            disadvantaged group of citizens, invalids, veterans. 

These are the basic targets: to approve decisions of the CityConcil, The Programmes of the social and economical development of the city, and to adopt  the main financial document of the city - the budget.

Since the beginning of convocation the deputies have approved and bring into action about 15 programmes important for the life of the city: «The Ownership», «The Programme of micro-entrepreneurship development». «The children and youth of Mariupol 2007 — 2011», «The Programme of the culture development in Mariupol in 2008-2011», «Law and order 2010» and others.

The main directions of the Mariupol CityConcil work are the support of persons entitled to benefits, the realization of measures oriented to  tackle the recession consequences, to develop housing and utilities infrastructure of the city, to develop innovation and investment activities of local enterprises and entrepreneurs.




In accordance with the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of  11.05.2006 № 614 in December 2008 there was introduced and certified the quality control system with respect to provision of services in accordance with the claims of  Ukrainian national standardization system ISO 9001:2001 in the Mariupol CityConcil. In the course of preparations to introduce and to certify the quality management system the Executive representative of quality was appointed, a group of public accountants was formed, «The Policy of the Mariupol CityConcil in the Sphere of Quality» and «The Mariupol CityConcil Quality Manual» were adopted by the mayors orders.
The first Executive representative of quality of the Mariupol CityConcil appointed the first vice mayor Mitrofanov G.V. The head of the group of public accountants of the CityConcil appointed the head of investment policy department and territory development of the Department of economics of the CityConcil Kalinin O.V.      
In accordance with the Standard`s demands, in July 2009 there was held the Technical supervision of the introduced system of quality management functioning in the Mariupol CityConcil. The investigations made in the course of checks prove that the system of quality management in accordance with the demands of the international standard ISO 9001:2001 and the State standard ДСТУ-П IWA 4:2006 was intruded ans works successfully in the executive bodies of the Mariupol CityConcil.