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The City External Economic Relations

External relations activity of Mariupol City Council is focused on extension of international and interregional contacts, twin-city relations, engaging foreign experience into cultural, educational, scientific, innovation and high technology sector as well as cooperation with international organizations in order to attract investments and foreign commerce.

  The core area of external economic activity of local enterprises and organizations is trade of goods and services. For January-April 2014 the goods in amount of 1251,1 millions USD were exported out of Ukraine, which composed 36,3% of all regional export. Total volume of imported goods amounted to 1213,9 millions USD or 14,4% of regional import procurement. Whereby the volume of export trade operations in the year of report reduced by 22,5% comparatively to the same period of January-April 2013 and the import volume reduced by 28,7%. The positive foreign trade balance amounted to 1127,2 millions USD. The export coverage ratio over the import one equals to 10,1.

 Besides the trade of goods the city enterprises and organizations performed the commercial operations at the external market of services.

 The export of services provided to the foreign partners as of October 01, 2014 amounted to 72,3 millions USD or 17,9% from the regional export. The import of services provided to the city enterprises amounted to 33,5 millions USD or 13,7% of the regional import. Whereby the export volume reduced by 32,2% comparatively to January-September 2013 and the import volume increased by 5,7%. The positive balance for the reporting period amounted to 38,7 millions USD. The export coverage ratio over the import one equals to 2,2.

The list of the cities with which Mariupol maintains partner/twin-city relations from  1993 till  2009:

  • Lviv (Ukraine);
  • Makeevka (Ukraine);
  • Kherson (Ukraine);
  • Feodosiya (Ukraine);
  • Kolomya (Ukraine);
  • Taganrog (Russia);
  • Barnaul (Russia);
  • Yeisk (Russia);
  • Zheleznogorsk (Russia);
  • Thessaloniki (Greece);
  •  Piraeus (Greece);
  • Kalimnos (Greece);
  • Santa-Severina (Italy);
  • Savona (Italy);
  • Qiqihar (China);
  • Paranagua (Brasil).