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Entrepreneurship Development

In the small business sector there are 26 thousand peoples engaged taking into account individual entrepreneurs their employees.

 About 2900 small enterprises are registered in Mariupol, 87 of which are micro-enterprises with up to 10 people employed. The number of small enterprises per 10 thousands citizens amounted to 56.

  The City Coordination Council for Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship, Mariupol Council of Entrepreneurs' Public Organizations, Municipal Branch Council of Entrepreneurs for Commerce and Services as well as “Dialog” Center of Administrative Services function in the city.

 The program for small business development was formulated and is being implemented as a part of the Program for economic and social development of Mariupol. This program is focused on providing of favorable conditions for entrepreneurial sector of economy, diversification of the city economy, development of the system for support and progress of entrepreneurship.

The special attention is paid to advancing the entrepreneurship regulatory control and reducing the administrative barriers. The transparent system of adopting the regulatory acts for reducing the interference into business activity and enforcing the procedure of regulatory acts preparation is forged in the city. As of July 01, 2015 42 regulatory acts are locally in effect. All acts are adopted according to the current law. These regulatory acts are constantly being reconsidered.

 Within the powers of Mariupol City Council and with the purpose to support the entrepreneurship and stable the cost situation in 2015:

  - It was decided to restart the seasonal trade with the city;

    - The rent for municipal premises was reduced by 50%.

 With a purpose of information support to entrepreneurs the official City Council website shares the information concerning the entrepreneurial activity and current legislation. Traditionally “Business-review” supplement to “Priazovskiy rabochiy” newspaper is published. “Vykhod est” program is broad-casted on TV. Since February 2010 hotline for the entrepreneurs is available.