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Architecture and Housebuilding

Mariupol is a city that has a large historical-architectural heritage and that has preserved in its historical part the planning layouts of the end of 18th century – the regular building with radial system of streets.

There are the main architectural monuments of local importance concentrated in the historical nuclear of the city - residential houses with spires № 35 and № 48 in Artyoma street the constructions of the beginning of 1950s, the educational building of technical school of industry in Georgyievskaya street, 69 (the former building of gymnasium constructed in 1899), the Azovstal cultural centre (the former building of merchants` meetings and the “Continental” Hotel), the Russian regional drama theatre, the water tower in the Engels street constructed at the beginning of 1900s.

In order to preserve the historical-cultural heritage of the city Kharkiv institute «Ukrprojectrestoration» has worked out a historical-cultural basic plan of the centre of the city.

In reliance upon the historical-archival and bibliographical investigations the analysis of planning structure development has been carried out, the historical nuclear of the city has been defined, the historical architectural value of the quarters development has been estimated, valuable architectural and town building elements have been identified, photofixation of architectural monuments has been fulfilled. 172 buildings that have historical-architectural value have been identified.

The principal provisions of the historical-architectural basic plan of the city historical centre were considered at the process of working out the modern townbuilding documentation, that involves the preservation of the city historical nuclear planning structure, the architectural monuments and the reconstruction of slum and low-value buildings.

In 2005 the city counsel adopted a decision of 22.03.2005 № 981 about the approval of a long term programme of town building documentation working out on the period from 2005 to 2009.

The programme provides for the developing of the main kinds of townbuilding documentation, that includes a general town planning scheme, a detailed plan of the Prymorskyi region coastal area, a project of neighbourhood units and the multistory part of the city territory devision.

A constant work is being carried out to improve the architectural look of the city and its infrastructure. New townbuilding ensembles and landscape complexes, recreation areas and public health improvement zones are being formed, the existent ones are being reconstructed with a ramp up. Thanks to the worked out collaborative strategies of business partnership with the leading townbuilding enterprises it was managed to realize a range of large-scale projects of urban importance.

A unique covered football stadium in the Prymorsky region of the city, a new stadium in the residential neighbourhood — 22, a covered ice complex in the Petrovskyi Park, an Alpine skiing in the Granitnaya street have been built.

The reconstructions of the stadium «Portovyk» in the Petrovsky region, the “Ilyich” stadium and the stadium in the Belyakova street in the Ilyich region, the swimming pool “Neptun” of JSC “Ilyich iron and steel works” has been carried out.

The construction of a sport-entertainment complex in the Prymorsky park, a sport complex of Mariupolsky Zavod Mashinostroenia JSC for 5 thousand spectators in the Lenin street, an ice complex in the Ordzhinekidzevsky park has been planned.

The works of air-terminal complex, railway station, inter-city station, landing stages of the Commercial seaport reconstruction have been carried out, the works of cultural-entertainment centre construction in the Prymorsky avenue are being fulfilled.

The building of a hotel complex in the Lenin prospect, new hotels «Sportivnaya» and «Kurortnaya» in the Prymorsky park, a trash recycling plant in the Mamin Sibyryak street in the Ordzhinekidzevsky region is being planned.

On common projects of financing the works of the Kalchik river bed clearing, the Kalchin bank redevelopment, the provision of gas supply to the city communities have been carried out.

As a result of long-term cooperative work the local authorities and city enterprises have worked out the partnership relations, that give opportunity to the city to occupy the leading positions in the region.