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Mariupol is situated on the crossroads of the main internal an external economic systems of routing. Mariupol is linked with the regional centre by a Donetsk – Mariupol  120 km long highway, which is the main link between the regional centre and the whole region. The highway Rostov-on-Don – Melitopol crosses Mariupol from the East to the West, and the main part of the cargo traffic, both import and export is transported by this highway.

The main object  of water transport is a State enterprise «Mariupol Commercial Seaport», that has a possibility to take ships with the draft up to 8,0 m and up to 240 m long, that places the port into a better position than other ports of the Sea of Azov. The port has 17 berths and is capable to transshipment of up to 14 mln t of cargo per year, deals with the loading of coal, metals, grains, foodstuff and chemical cargo. The navigation in the port lasts the whole year.

The railways in Mariupol perform the function of a link between the seaport and the inner parts of the country, provides the delivery of the main part of cargo to the city and export of its production. With the internal state net of highways the city is connected by a railway line Mariupol – Yasinovataya. 
From the railway station «Mariupol» start passenger trains to Kyiv, Lviv, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Poltava, Minsk, Bryansk, Voronezh.

 The LLC «Donbass commercial fleet» - is a big transport company, which is a linear operator in the Sea of Azov, the Black Sea, the Mideterranian Sea and the Red Sea.

The city has an airport, that for its technical equipment refers to the airports of an international kind and meets up-to-date European requirements. There are flights from the airport of Mariupol to Kyiv, Moscow and charter flight.

Passenger transportation in the city is realized by: a public utility corporation «Mariupol tram-trolleybus enterprise», 11 auto-transport enterprises of different forms of propriety and 105 sole proprietors.

The City Counsil Executive committee annually confirms the routs and the schedules of the city passenger transport traffic irrespective of the form of propriety. Nowadays there are 11 tram, 12 trolleybus, 57 bus routs in Mariupol, 12 of them function under general conditions – they grant all the privileges according to the law of Ukraine.