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Mariupol is a large industrial centre and the South-East seaport of Ukraine, that in 2015 celebrates its 237th anniversary.
The city has a diversified industrial base. The key industry is iron and steel industry. The city industrial complex is represented by more than 50 large enterprises.

There are nearly all directions of industrial activities in the structure of Mariupol industrial production. The city occupies the first place in the region in the volume of sold products. In the section of the main groups of industrial production traditionally dominates the production of metallurgy and ready-made metal goods — 83,5%. Also the machine building industry continues to be popular (9,3%). Though the global financial and economic crisis in 2009 to a far greater degree than at other towns, influenced the economy of Mariupol, because of its practically 2 branch industry. The decrease in metallurgical plants production reached 40%, in machinery-producing industry the volumes of some kinds of production decreased in 2-3 times, the builders remained nearly inactive. Since the second half of 2009, due to the ebullience on iron at the global market, some leveling of the economical situation has been marked.

There are the two largest metallurgical plants of the country in the city - the joint stock companies «Ilyich iron and steel works», «Azovstal iron and steel works», the leader of the mechanical engineering in Ukraine — the joint stock company «Azovmash», and the state enterprise «Commercial seaport», that is one of the four largest ports of the country. These enterprises are the trade mark not only of Donbass, but also of the whole Ukraine. Together with these enterprises the closed stock company “AzovElectroStal”, the open joint-stock company “Electrobytpribor”, “Mariupol experimental plant”; the limited liability corporations: “SRZ”, “Magma”, “Marvey”, “Octyabr” make their contribution. Among the enterprises of food industry, one should point out the public joint-stock company “The overclothes factory “Fairy””, the closed stock company “Mariupol confectionery producing plant”, the enterprises of the food branch of Mariupol Ilyich iron and steel works.


Nowadays Mariupol produces more than one third of the industrial production of the Donetsk region and up to 10% - among the production of the country.