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The main task of the cultural development in Mariupol is the revival, preserving and development of the national cultural traditions of people, the rise of aesthetic level, moral and cultural upbringing, the improvement of municipal cultural establishments work, the introduction of new forms of work and cultural public service, the development of amateur talent groups and professional creative work.
There are all conditions in the city to save and to develop a net of cultural establishments and enterprises, municipal professional and amateur groups, to develop the creative potential of Mariupol citizens, improvement of cultural level and aesthetic upbringing of people.


There take place different festivals and contests in different directions of creative work in the city. The creative groups of the city and of the schools of aesthetic education participate in festivals and contests of different levels (town, regional, All-Ukrainian and International). Cultural associations and creative international communication develop actively. The municipal creative groups go to take part in International festivals of choreographic art and histrionics to Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Greece and other countries.
The oldest in Donbass Mariupol Local History Museum for more than 80 years has been very popular among the native people and the guests of the city. It shows the history of development of material and spiritual culture of the Azov region citizens and their mutual influence one upon another.
There are a lot of amateurs of history and culture in Mariupol, who gladly present wonderful showpieces to the museum. The Museum of Public Household and The Museum of the Greeks of Azov reflect the life, development, the peculiarities of economical, social and cultural development of our region.
In the exhibition hall of modern art and culture named after A.I. Kuindzhy there are exhibited the works of professional as well as amateur painters. The artists of popular arts and crafts arouse special interest by their original exhibitions. The works of our artists are well known far beyond the city.
There are creative associations of craftsmen, painters and embroiderers, folklore ensembles, that revive, save, popularize and pass the traditions, ceremonies, choreographic, vocal and oral folk arts to the following generations.
Mariupol can be justly proud of the oldest drama theatre in Ukraine. Donetsk regional order of Badge of Honor Academical Russian drama theatre of Mariupol means creative people, brilliant performances, talented actors who drew attention not only in Donbass but also far beyond its borders.
Municipal cultural-leisure objects continue to develop actively. Landscape complexes, ensembles, recreation areas, parks in flood plains of the Kalchik and the Kalmius and in the coastal zone are being formed.

Municipal cultural establishments draw attention and support from the municipal enterprises who support particular associations, recreation centres, particular artists.
The development of culture in the city continues with the financial support of the municipal enterprises and the City Counsil. It will help to improve the level of culture development and broaden the range of cultural and informational services to the population of the city.
By means of culture and art a prosperous internal and external image of the city of Mariupol is being formed.