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Public Health Service

11316  medical workers work at 25 medical and prophylactic institutions of the city. Among them  2227 doctors,  4635 paramedical workers, and a numerous army of medical technicians: practical nurses and nurseys.
The city has acquired a good reputation for its expertise. Among them 5  Honoured Doctors, 9 Candidates of Medical Science and one Doctor of Medical Science. In particular we would like to mention Psaras Gennadiy Gennadiyevich -  a Doctor of Medical Science, Selivanov Vasyliy Fiodorovich  - a municipal pulmonologist, Libkind Valeriy Isakovich — the head of hospital department.
Nowadays new medical technologies are intruded in the practice of health care. Operations are performed up-to-date. The technologies of the most recent check-ups are developed. 
A great work is being done by the Board of Health and medical and prophylactic institution of the city to fulfill the mass measures of the Mariupol Social and Economic Development Programme, which is intended to preserve the health of children, adolescent, pregnant women, veterans, Chernobyl clean-ups veterans and other categories of population.     
The subsidized households are freely provided with medicine,  tooth replacement and deaf-aid. A free computer tomographic check-up is organized for subsidized households.
The mass measures for birth rate increasing and gaining in children's health are being executed. Children at the age from 0 till 2 from needy families, military families, student families are provided with food at preferential price from the child's dairies of municipal institutions. Medico-genetic consultation at the Municipal Hospital № 9 carries on up-to-date investigations and gives recommendations to married couples. The   diabetics are provided with a full-scale of antihyperglycemic drugs.  A new endocrinology department for 40 beds has been opened. For the purpose of preventive measures against socially associated diseases: tuberculosis, AIDS municipal programmes of prevention and cure of these diseases  have been worked out and are being deployed.  The programme  DOTS works in the city, digital photofluorographs were bought, the patients are provided with food and hygienic kits. All these facts made it possible to stabilize the morbidity rate and  the death rate from tuberculosis in our city. In 2009 the tuberculosis incidence decreased on 6,8 %, the number of advanced forms of TB  became twice less, the TB death rate  decreased on 23%. As a result of the Complex programme “The tasks and the main HIV infection prevention measures  and the cure and help to the HIV positive and to the people ill with AIDS for 2009-2013 in Mariupol” the infection risk of the children born by HIV positive mothers  decreased from  11,5% in 2008 to  5% in 2009. The municipal centre of AIDS cure and prevention is one of the two municipal centres of Ukraine that conduct virologic (viral load test) and immunologic research. Every year medical vital rates  improve: death rate  decreases, including infant mortality, while birth rate in the city increases.
The public health service in Mariupol from one year to the next occupies the leading positions in the rating system in Donetsk region.