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Mariupol Local History Museum

The Mariupol Local History Museum is the oldest museum of  Donetsk region, it was founded on the 6th of February, 1920.
Nowadays The Mariupol Local History Museum has nine exhibition halls, there are more than 50 thousand showpieces in its funds.
The exposition of the nature department of the museum gives opportunity to see all the diversity of flora and fauna of the North of Azov.
The exposition of the presoviet period historical department shows the process of settlement and economical development of the region from the ancient times up to the beginning of the  XX century, and the process of soil development in Azov region.
There are many rarities and interesting archaeological finds of Azov region. Among them the deed of Ekaterina II to Christian Greeks, who were made go out  the Crimean khanate and who were settled in the North of Azov, the shroud of 1760, the Gospel  of  1811, the materials of the world famous memorial of the Mariupol  neolithic burial ground and some others are of the greatest importance.

The exposition of the soviet period historical department shows the process of development of Mariupol as a large industrial centre of Ukraine, at a difficult period of our history.

(The soviet period historical department presents the events, that took place in Mariupol from  1917 till  1991 – from the Soviet power establishment up to the USSR  dissolution. The events that took place at the given period left a scar on the history of the region: the Civil and  the Great Patriotic Wars, Famine-Genocide, repressions, postwar reconstruction. The development of Mariupol as a large industrial centre of the South of Ukraine, a centre of science development, education, healthcare, culture and sport is shown by means of household items, photos, documents, unique showpieces.

In 2001 a new permanent exposition «The City of Mariupol in the Years of Independent Ukraine» was opened. It reflects the whole powerful potential of Mariupol in the sphere of industry as well as the spheres of education, culture, sport.


At present The Mariupol Local History Museum has filiations:

m The Museum of Public Household. The exposition of the museum shows the peculiarities of the everyday life of the representatives of different nationalities, who have settled the territory of Azov region since the end of the XVIII century — Ukrainians, Russian. Greeks, Jews, German, and their economics and culture;
m The  Museum of the History and Ethnography of the Greeks of  Azov region (Sartana).  The exposition of the museum shows the process of Greeks migration from the Crimean khanate to Azov region in 1778-1780, the region reclaiming, the development of agriculture, cattle breeding, trade, the saving of cultural traditions.