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City Symbols

The Emblem of the city



The Emblem of the city represents a historically traditional shield based on a rectangle with the sides in proportions of golden section.
The shield is divided horizontally into two equal parts by a wavy line — a graphical portrayal of the sea. The upper half is of silver (gray) colour, it symbolizes steel (the main production of the industrial city). The bottom half is of dark blue colour that symbolizes the sea (the geography of the city's location). The central graphic symbol of the emblem – an “anchor” - is a symbol of a coastal port city, international trade and an engineering product. The ring of the anchor (a golden ring on gray background) symbolizes a bucket, from which the metal pours down and makes the outlines of the anchor. The digital symbol «1778» signifies the year of the city's foundation.

The main meaning of the imagery and the colours of the Mariupol city emblem is a South coastal city, a city of metallurgists, seamen, mechanic engineers, a city of international trade (the Donbass Sea Gates), a city of labourers.

The composition, imagery and colours of the city emblem are based upon the laws of science and heraldry taking into account the succession of compositional principles of the first (dated 1811) emblem of Mariupol. So, all canons of emblem modification in course of time are observed, the historical succession of the main symbol of the city sovereignty is reflected.


The banner of the city



The banner of the size 120x150 cm is made of dark blue velvet by means of machine embroidering.
In the centre of the banner is a colourful picture of the city emblem, framed in golden decoration with inter-tangled bands, on which the name of the city is woven in Ukrainian, Russian and Greek. In the bottom part of the garland the ancient Mariupol emblem is depicted.
The banner is edged with golden fringe.
The banner is fixed to a wooden staff crowned by a bronze head with the attached to it bands of the National Flag of Ukraine flowing down and ending in golden tassels.